Wednesday, September 16, 2015

DIY Chemical and Ammonia Free House Cleaner

If you are anything like me, once you started making littles every decision started feeling more and more serious. Standing in the cleaning isle, my head sounded a little bit like this:
"So...this will clean and polish my floors with just one spray?
Ok but what does that word mean?
Is that even Engrish?
How many extra parts will my children grow if they eat this?
Are my children going to get cancer?
Certainly that didn't say it had butoxyethanol! That causes severe liver and kidney damage.
Oh that should be renamed 'Fields of Tumors'...
That's it! We're never cleaning again!"
But of course, as a wife and mother to two little boys, that's not possible! So I started my research and trial and error. I made this amazing household cleaner that I am totally in love with and I think you will be too! I use it everywhere, glass, mirrors, wood tables, counters, black and chrome appliances, you name it! I've never had a cleaner that got things so clean (without having to kill my elbows) and no streaks; it was always one or the other!

Ready to start making it for your own home? Chances are you already have most or all of the ingredients on hand!! You'll need:
A spray bottle
Hot water
Corn Starch
Small squirt of Dawn dish soap

In your bottle pour in 1 TABLESPOON of corn starch, 2 CUPS of hot water, 1/2 CUP rubbing alcohol, 1/2 CUP white vinegar and a drop or two of dawn dish soap. Then shake it! There, you're done!! That comes out to about $0.11 a bottle!! BOOM!  Big savings! 

I've found that it cleans glass best if I use a cotton rag that has been washed without any fabric softener, I don't know why but it does! :) This magic potion has natural disinfectants and grease cutters so you won't need anything else! 
Happy cleaning!


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