Monday, July 27, 2015

DIY Flubber! Just as much fun as the movie, just not alive.

Do you remember being a kid with nothing to do? It was horrible! So when I saw that turmoil in my two and a half year old, I knew this mama had to get creative fast. A few weeks ago we got attacked by a lightening storm that left us without any TV or fun electronics, which even though I limit screen time, it was much quieter than normal! So I started thinking back to fifth grade art class, we had a quirky lady who loved all things creative and showed me how to make this nearly indestructible goo, which by the way, is all little boy's best friend! Now that I'm an adult, it's almost therapeutic! Are you ready to get dirty?!
[Pro tip: measure out all the ingredients before hand, this stuff gels up pretty quickly]

You'll need:
1 cup of white glue [any brand, we used the 2 for $1 dollar store brand]
2 tablespoons of 20 Mule Team Borax [you can find this on the laundry detergent isle]
3/4 cup of COOL water
1/2 cup of HOT water
Food coloring and/or glitter (optional)

Let's get started!
In a small bowl mix the HOT water and the Borax very well and let it sit to dissolve.
Next, grab a medium bowl and mix the cup of glue and the COOL water till fully mixed, quickly poor in the Borax mixture and add any extras you want (like color or glitter) for extra sensory play then mix, mix, mix!
Once it starts sticking to the spoon either place it in a bag and knead it or, my personal favorite, dig in with your hands and mix it till it gets firm. It will start slimy then becomes a nice firm-ish...liquid? Solid? FLUBBER!
This provided at least an hour of fun with two two year olds and a six month old, all of which were beyond amazed and couldn't quite figure it out! If it gets dirty, just give it a quick rinse, knead it some more and store in a plastic bag or Tupperware! 
Let me know in the comments below how your littles (and you!) liked this tutorial! I'll be updating it will some better pictures as a dead cell phone, six month old on hip and two year old on each leg doesn't warrant high quality photos. Be sure to share with your mommy friends with the buttons below! As always,

**Note, although Borax does come from the earth it is not safe to ingest. Please watch littles while making and playing. We had no issues as they were exploring all the other senses but you never know, Kids are funny!**

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