Meet the WAHM

Hello! I'm Becca and I am so thrilled that you decided to stop by! 
I am a Work at Home Mom (WAHM) to two beautiful little souls, Nolan and Evan. They are my life, my world, my heart beating outside my chest and the soul reason I work so hard. I would be incomplete without them. 
I am a LEO wife, crunchy, baby wearing, all things DIY, crazy wrap girl, stereotypical mom. As I live and breathe, my life revolves around them, from poop-explosions to 3 am breastfeeding, and I wouldn't have it any other way! 
I hope you stick around and enjoy some of the laughs and experiments with me as I put my daily life into words for the world to read, hopefully they will inspire another mom out there to keep on keeping on. 
Life IS beautiful, even when it's not. Just let that sink in.

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