Sunday, October 25, 2015

DIY $7 Indian Costume Tutorial

So some of you are frequent visitors here and know that I orginally started my blog over at Marvelous Modern Mamma but after having my second son, maturing a bit and learning how to actually design a blog I decided to scrap the old one and start anew! If you hop over to the old one you'll quickly understand how much I've changed, design wise, in the last few years and why it was easier just to cut my loses and start fresh. BUT I couldn't leave this tutorial behind! I get compliments on this tutorial all the time! With hundreds of pins and over 12k views, this is one of my most loved tutorial!

So show of hands, who else waited till the last minute to get ready for Halloween like I always do?! Well get your craft hands ready and follow along and no one will ever know!

The things I loved most about this costume is that it was cheap, comfortable, cute, and customizable! (is that even a real word?)



One LARGE men's long sleeve T-shirt
1/2 yard black fabric
Colored beads (mine were a blue assortment)
Needle and thread or sewing machine
Pins for measuring
Pens for marking
Super glue

Once you have gathered all of your supplies try on your shirt to see how it hangs on you. Now I chose to do an off shoulder top to mine and it is fairly simple to do. Just mark where you want it to start and end then cut it off! :) See I told you it wasn't hard!

It helps if you have a silly baby to keep you entertained!
(My goodness! He is so little here! He's now almost three years old! Excuse me while I go cry for a little while...)
Now put it back on and see just how big it is on you and use those pins I was telling you about to measure just how far in you want to take this dress.

Remove this dress once more, draw a line between all the pins and begin your cutting! 
** Make sure not to cut on the line! Leave room to seal it up, other wise it will be way too tight! **

Once you have successfully removed all the excess material, begin cutting little strips in the two open ends. Preferably the same size to avoid gaps later.

Then comes the long tedious part.... knotting up all of those little strings! Turn the dress inside out and go to town on those knots! I double knotted, if not triple knotted just for peace of mind. It takes a long time to do but I really love the effect it gives, almost like a lacing effect. It looks great! If you want to try a braided look check out this tutorial and just apply it to your dress!

And once again a cute baby helps ;)

And the main part of the dress is done!

Now for the sash and skirt!

Measure how wide you want your belt to be and double that number. Then cut that out in your black fabric twice! Fold and iron the middle to form a crease (optional) and begin cutting random sized strips up to the middle like so:

Again, do this twice. After you have finished this you have successfully completed your skirt and it is now time to finish your sash!

Begin beading the strips in any color, pattern, or arrangement you desire being careful to remember to add a dab of super glue at the end of each strand to insure your beads stay in place!

After all this has been finished, you can complete the final step! Sewing the skirt onto the bottom of the dress! Once that is done you can try it on, tie on the sash and enjoy the fruits of your labor! Congratulations you just saved yourself $23 +!

Hope you had a safe and happy Halloween!
We sure did! 


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