Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Getting rid of those nasty potty stains

My family of four has a favorite bathroom, the other one for who-knows what reason, gets left unattended more often than not. Everyone knows a toilet isn't meant to sit unattended, otherwise it gets grimy and moldy. Wellll I forgot about that! I tried to scrub it with a scrub brush but it was so hard to come off that I gave up and walked away. (This sat for MAYBE 2 weeks tops and got this bad!) Remember that DIY cleaner I posted about? That cleaned it no problem!! I just thoroughly sprayed the bowl, let sit for 5 minutes and wiped it down! How easy is THAT! Make your own healthier house cleaner with my tutorial here

Doesn't that look SO much better? Fit for the pope! Now mommies, no need to get grossed out and upset when your boys leave stale pee rings and mold. Works perfectly and has no harsh chemicals! Perfect for RVs, rentals and everyday use!

Happy cleaning!


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