Monday, August 10, 2015

Make money back from the grocery store

If you are anything like me, you loath the grocery store. It's too busy, way overpriced and drains your bank account; but your family has to eat! Y'all know me, I'm frugal at best and always looking for a new way to save a dollar (or as my husband!)
I've tried doing the extreme couponing but it was too much math and too many paper cuts for my favor. Plus who really has the time to scavenger tons of coupon ads and print coupons? Not me! Two kids= no time for that!
I've tried meal planning, which I would advice! It really helps to gain a structure and save a little bit but I still found myself overspending.
So I hit the trusty Pinterest but never really found something I could stick to. Then I found this app! This thing is ingenious! I thought all these things were scams but I was wrong!! So far I've made $80! That's amazing to me!!! Stores pay the app to advertise their sales, you go buy what you need, then take pictures of your receipt and get paid!! It's so simple it hurts!
There is all kinds of cute little bonuses you can earn, too!
*Bonus points! It's got a built in shopping list too! So no more forgetting it at home!
Hop on over and download yours now!


Becca ♡

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