Monday, December 7, 2015

The Christmas Eve Tradition

Ever since I was a small child, Christmas has always been my favorite. It's like I can physically see glitter and sparkles around the letters every time I read or type it. The way people hear the words 'pay day', you know the sound of angles singing, sighs of relief and children's giggles, is the way I hear Christmas. I am a true elf! Even born with the pointy ears for proof!

As an honnorary elf, traditions are a pride of mine! I'm sure most of you have heard or seen the Christmas eve boxes that have been floating around Pinterest. I can remember being a small child just drooling over the idea of tearing into that tree just to see what all was under all the coordinating wrapping paper and each year we'd con our parents into allowing us to open just one present before bed. Man how exciting that was!!
If you are new here you may not know yet, but I'm all about supporting other mommies in their journeys to stay home with their babies, in whichever way they can! I recently connected with this super sweet mom of three that has recently launched her small business making gift boxes! They are beyond adorable! Her website currently has the perfect baby shower gifts and I've got top secret info that she's working on a breastfeeding mama box and a teacher's appreciation box! (But you didn't hear that little nugget from me!) But right now I'm swooning over her Christmas Eve boxes! She has two different ones, one for toddlers and babies and one for bigger kids. Personally, I'm in love with the baby box! I'm actually getting two boxes so they'll have matching jammies and boxes for Christmas Eve!

Absolutely adorable right?
Even better than the fact that everything is hand crafted and shipped in recycled material? My readers get them at a discount! Holla!  Remember the holidays are all about giving thanks, your faith and cherishing the ones you love most! Don't forget to help small businesses get to stay home and cherish their loved ones too! 

To check out her boxes go to her website ----> Gift Genie Express and check out her Facebook page

*** I do not get paid for this post nor do I get paid commissions or cuts on any sales. This review was strictly my personal opinion! I love this small business! Got a small business you love? Comment below or email me!***

Merry Christmas!



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